New Customers Must Know

If you are our new customer, you must understand and agree following terms before you place order with us:


Thank you very much for ordering from us.

    1. Since this is the first time you’ve ordered from us, we want to confirm you’re able to pick up this COD order.  You must be familiar with this prescription and have used this before to be eligible. All our Pharmacies and Doctors are all US licensed.
    2. The Postman will directly deliver to your specified address. So please double check if your address is valid in the USPS system by checking:
    3. We will send you your tracking ID within two business days after your confirmation. You can also go to USPS postal office to pick it up if you are not home at the time of delivery.

***Orders must be picked up and the postman must be paid USPS Money Order, not Personnel Check.***

New customers need additional time for verification. So it needs more time than returned customers.

Returned customers have returned customer only websites so we can send returned customer tracking ID next business days.

If you’re unsuccessful in picking up your first order, we will not be able to fill any subsequent orders for you. If you have paid checks  to postman,  we will put you into blacklist.

If you click “place order now” button, it means that you agree with our above requirement.


You can also check our FAQs page if you have any concerns.






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